Gold Wedding Rings Are Used More Than Any Other Rings For a Wedding – Why?


The shine of gold has always impressed the human mind. Since the time gold was discovered, humans have not been able to ignore this precious metal. It has been used as ornaments initially and to glorify the gods with. Soon it was accumulated and being considered as symbol of wealth and power.

The growth of gold use from ornament to money has been possible because of its extensive availability all over the world. Moreover gold has some qualities which make it superior in comparison to other metals. It is available in natural and workable state. It can be easily molded into different and yet permanent shapes. It is corrosion free and does not get tarnished. Besides, it can be easily mixed with other metals like copper or nickel for a durable and long lasting use. The value and hype attached to gold is that’s why obvious.

To beautify ones personality or to represent a special occasion, nowadays gold is considered an ideal investment. Whether it is a neck-piece, earrings or rings, gold is the first choice. As we have already illuminated the essential facts relating to gold, the picture is clear that no other metal can beat the shine of gold when it comes to jewelry. Though platinum, silver and titanium are also making their mark in the market, but gold is here to reign forever.

On that special moment to confess to your lover about your love, a gold ring says it all. And when the time arrives to exchange vows, what else is best suited in the beautiful finger of your partner than a gold wedding ring!!

The gold ring is the symbol of pure, eternal and beautiful relationship. One may wonder, why gold only and not some other metal ring. Well, the answer is very simple. A wedding ring should be life long. It should not lose its luster and should not wear away. It should be exquisitely designed to attract the attention of the wearer and still not pinching the pocket. All these possibilities are fulfilled by gold ring.

Though the natural color of gold is yellow but if mixed with other metal like nickel it becomes white gold. White gold has gained popularity as it resembles platinum but it is not that expensive. White gold rings are also elegant and durable.

The yellow gold is measured in karats. The higher the karat, the higher is the percentage of gold in a jewelry piece. So if your gold ring is 18k then, 75% of the ring is made of gold and rests are other metals. It is an advantage while purchasing gold piece that one may choose 14k or 18k or 22k gold. This provides flexibility to the purchaser of gold to select such design which suits his pocket.

We have seen now that gold has proven its metal in each and every aspect. The rings made out of gold can be designed beautifully. Also precious gemstone like diamond, ruby, etc can be embedded in a gold ring to enhance the exquisiteness. One can say with conviction that one gets more value for money when one is picking gold wedding rings.