A-tisket, A-tasket: Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Tested: Sun Flour Baking Company’s xgfx Gift Basket

Last month the husband secretly ordered me a huge gift basket from Sun Flour Baking Company, a 100% vegan company that specializes in cookies. When the package arrived he realized that he had accidentally ordered the gluten free option. I didn’t exactly know what I was more excited for…a basket full of baked goods or the fact that they were all gluten free. While I am not a gluten free vegan, I absolutely love to try anything new. Lucky for me, these cookies did not disappoint.

When I opened my package I was greeted with a huge and colorful box that was beautifully wrapped and tied off with a bow. Inside there were about 11 large cookies, a box of mini cookies, and several Sjaak’s chocolates and caramels. Not gonna lie…it was completely overwhelming to decide what to choose first.

I started off with the Chocolate Chip Shortbread. It was crisp and buttery with a really nice crunch to it. By far, it was my favorite of all the cookies I tried. The rest of the basket consisted of soft and chewy cookies including: Cinnamon, Lemon Coconut, German Chocolate, Mocha Java, Double Chocolate Chip, Golden Brownie, and Chocolate Chip. The thing I loved most about the soft cookies was the texture. Often times the gluten free cookies I’ve tried use brown rice flour as the base, and it can lend a slightly gritty texture. These are made with mostly pinto flour and are just as soft and chewy as their gluten filled counterparts. My favorites of the batch were definitely the cinnamon (tastes just like a snickerdoodle) and the chocolate chip.

Pricing runs pretty cheap for these. A huge basket is anywhere from $35-40 and can be purchased from the company’s online store. Sun Flour Baking Company has holiday, birthday, and any occasion baskets as well. Of course, there are also options for buying cookies individually at about $2 each.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Beautiful textures.
  • Wide variety of flavors.


  • A single 3 ounce cookie can have close to 500 calories.

If you are looking to purchase cookies in store, these products are available in many health food stores, coffee shops, and juice bars across the nation. They are also available at Whole Foods in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some more cookies to chow down on!

Reviewed by Mo Martin

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