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Halloween Goodies!

Happy Halloween! I love October Vegan MoFos because the last day always falls on one of my favorite nights of the year: Halloween! I’ve been keeping my eye out for some spooktacular tricks and treats this month and wanted to share some of my favorite posts that are Halloween related. Hope you all have a [...]

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Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Muffins and a call for Vegan MoFo help!

pumpki muffins

You guys! It’s almost Autumn! That means the onslaught of pumpkin overload is about to hit the blogosphere. The idea of non-stop pumpkinage for the next couple of months really pleases this girl. Oh yes it does. You wanna know another thing that pleases this girl? Muffins. Anyone who knows me knows that I am [...]

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Featured Recipe of the Week: Almond and White Grape Gazpacho

photo by Serena Norr

  Happy Thursday! To celebrate the hot and steamy weather we’ve been having around here, I’d like to show off this ingenious and amazing sounding recipe from Seriously Soupy, that I seriously have to make soon! I think you should too. Almond and White Grape Gazpacho, people! I wish a had a giant bowl of [...]

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Tuesday Linkage!

Happy Tuesday, folks! Here are a few things I’ve been excited about this week: Kittee’s zine!! pasta!! nilla wafers!! Thai noodles!! scones!! gallette!! brownies!! soufflé!! bundt cake!! and 10. ketchup chips? yes, ketchup chips!! Huzzah!!!

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Hi friends! We wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazing folks who have contributed to recipes.xgfx and invite anyone out there who may not know about this part of our site to check it out! recipes.xgfx is a community driven resource featuring recipes that are 100% gluten-free and vegan. There’s a [...]

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Stonehouse 27 Sauces

  Stonehouse 27 Cooking Sauces When I first learned about Stonehouse 27 sauces (the label reads: “exotic indian without the effort”), I was all about trying them. Six jars arrived to my house from the fine folks at Stonehouse 27, and since I was gifted this free sample from the company I had no idea [...]

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Tuesday Linkage!

It’s almost summertime in my part of the world… hooray! Since summertime is my favorite time of the year, this Tuesday’s linkage is dedicated to summer friendly foods!

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Lemon Bars with Candied Meyer Lemons!

photo by CinnamonQuill

To celebrate all the vegan and gluten free creativity that is continuously going on in the blogosphere, we’ve decided to occasionally feature some of our faves here on xgfx.

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Better ‘Better than Cream Cheese’?

I happen to be one of those lucky people who are extremely sensitive to gluten. My belly acts as a visible indicator, poking out almost within minutes of being exposed to even the teensiest amounts of gluten; and well, let’s just say the next few days aren’t exactly paradise for anyone in my household.

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Tuesday Linkage

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re bringing the links. 1) ‘Tis the season for bunnies. If you can, please adopt! They need us. But before you do, read this adorable and honest guide about bunny care. 2) Hannah Kaminsky may have posted this on her blog last week, but trust me, I haven’t forgotten about it. Vegan [...]

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  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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