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Tuesday Linkage


Happy holidays, everyone! I just wanted to share a few links for some crazy delicious look’n xgfx eats. May your holidays be filled with lots of love, hugs, tasty eats, laughter, and everything you all love the most! Ashley brings us zucchini bread just in time for those epic days filled with holiday baking! Bean’s [...]

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Vegan MoFo xgfx survey!

mofo 2011 for ricki's post

Wouldn’t a gluten-free Vegan MoFo survey be kinda fun?!?! If you want to join in, please do so at anytime – simply copy and paste the questions on your blog and take the survery! I’m participating and taking a fun ‘n relaxing break this Vegan MoFo humpday. We’re half way through Vegan MoFo and would [...]

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Tuesday Linkage

It wouldn’t be fall without brussel sprouts, and Laura’s warm brussel sprout toss looks absolutely perfect for the cooler days to come. Susan’s raw tomato spinach tart would be one scrumptious was to use some of those end-of-the-season tomatoes still lingering around. Also perfect for fall – pumpkin goodnesses! Trina of Your Vegan Mom created [...]

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Tuesday Linkage


Bringing all you lovelies some end-of-the-summer linkage. Enjoy!!! Maggie of She Let Them Eat Cake (and the xgfx Community) shares this ahhhmazing recipe for her Blueberry Buckle. Words cannot describe how delicious it looks! Have you all met Wanda? she’s awesome – and so are her Braised Leeks with Roasted Bell Peppers and Chipotle Aioli. [...]

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Tuesday Linkage

thai, tabasco, fish and habanero peppers

This week we’re here to spread some summery links. Stay cool, everyone – and enjoy! Kris whips up a Gluten-Free Short­cake with Coconut Cream to make summer that much more awesome! Harini of Tongue Ticklers makes the loveliest looking Thin Crust Cherry Tart. Leanna brings us more berry goodness with these Berry Pastry Jam Rolls [...]

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Enjoy Life’s Mega Awesome Mega Chunks!


Enjoy Life’s Baking Chocolate Tested: Semi-Sweet Mega Chunks Enjoy Life is a company that has impressed me with their chocolate products before, and with the fresh, unique appearance of the adorable packaging for this new product as it is marketed in the U.S., I knew these chunky chocolate pieces would also live up to the [...]

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Tuesday Linkage

Tulip is looking for her forever home!

We’re here to bring you links of awesomeness on Tuesdays so you can oooh and ahhh over all things gloriously fun ‘n tasty out there in the world of the interweb. ♥ This happy pup is Tulip and she’s such a sweetie pea. Richmond Animal League rescued her and she’s waiting ever-so patiently for the [...]

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A Good Morning, Indeed!

rickis_frittata-of-awesome v2

Hiya & hello – and happy Wednesday! Today we’re bringing you all a shiny new review. We know it can sometimes be a little tough be’n xgfx and we’re here to suss out lots of products and publications that you all might enjoy and find to be quite awesome. Today’s review is Ricki Heller’s new [...]

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Recreating Family Favorites – Tunaless Casserole


Happy Monday, everyone! I know it’s warming up outside for many of you, so casserole season might not be in its prime, but I wanted to share one of my favorite dishes with you all – tunaless casserole. From what I remember, my mother planned our weekly menu, did the grocery shopping, and cooked up [...]

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Get your review on!


Did you know we’ve got a ridiculously awesome review squadron? Yeah, we do! Our review squadron peeps are located all over the world and have joined forces to bring you their unbiased opinions of many xgfx publications ‘n products. They’re here to give you their most “honest engine” report on all things xgfx – and [...]

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  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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