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XGFX MoFo a Go-Go!


Technology is cool ‘n’ all, but if it was really so awesome someone would’ve figured out a way for me to dog-ear my RSS reader for this year’s VeganMoFo, which happens to kick off today. Today! Generally I don’t even use feed readers, but during The Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo) it becomes a real necessity. [...]

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Papa Tofu Loves You and Ethiopian Food.


Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food is a brand new homemade recipe zine filled with information about cooking and eating Ethiopian food.   The recipe booklet is entirely xgfx, and most of the recipes can easily be prepared soy-free as well.  If you don’t know how to cook Ethiopian food, or have never had the opportunity to [...]

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Dazee and I Try Amy’s

Amy’s Four Product Review: Amy’s was kind enough to send me and my pardner Dazee coupons for three free products, plus a coupon for .75 off!  Although we almost never buy frozen heat ‘n’ eat food we were excited to try these. Comfort food in a box for quick meals and hungry spots, OK!  But yea, [...]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches of Spring


You know what’s more awesome than sunflowers shooting, fig trees figgin’ and dahlias spurting forth from the warm Spring ground?  Soaking all of this goodness up while eating chocolate chip cookies stuffed with local strawberry creme.   I know! The cookie recipe is Dreena Burton’s and since it’s already xgfx, there’s nothing to do except whip [...]

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Pizza Challenge-Round-Up!


Hello! My belly is full of pizza and that is a good thing.  The pizza I made was pretty ok, too.  Which means I’m heading in the right direction figuring out this xgfx pizza puzzle.  I don’t know what it is with me and pizza, but It’s been the hardest thing for me to adjust [...]

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We thought it’d be fun to post occasional xgfx culinary challenges on Friday and today I’ve decided to post our first one.  Only problem is I can’t decide what the challenge should be!  I’ve been Weeble Wobbling for days, thinking about creations I’ve seen online or in books that I want to make and eat. [...]

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My people came from the caves baking fudge-like brownies strewn with walnuts. We do not frost, we are not cake-y, and we like the edges and corners chewy. In my personal culinary evolution, I’ve also learned to add marshmallows to this basic formula, because I generally think things are better with extra goo. The double batch of [...]

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Because the World Needs Another Hummus Recipe, That’s Why.

Plain ol' hummus.

Let us not forget our dear friend, hummus.  I became reacquainted recently and have been whipping some up everyday for lunch.  I am grateful for its natural xgfx state.  Nothing needs to be added or removed.  Hummus was brought into this world to lead the xgfx revolution, and I’m following with my cute anthropomorphic chickpea [...]

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The First Time I Ever Tried Xantham Gum…

I was pondering Vegan MoFo subject matter in a public arena last night, when I was reminded of an important post I had begun a few weeks ago. I began writing it in a hot fit of hate and rage, and then when my boiling blood cooled a little, I was distracted by zombie cupcakes [...]

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Visual Lasagna.

Just like lasagna, this video is layered in The Awesome. First off–so cute!  Second off–good lip syncing.  Even I can recognize good karaoke when I see it.  And what?  Yes!  Vegan and gluten-free karaoke.  As if.  And, last–check out those noodles.  So smart to use rice paper wraps to make them the sophisticated manicotti bundles [...]

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