xgfx.org was started by three vegan gals who share a passion for cooking, eating and who happen to also be gluten-free for health reasons. Since we all have blogs and write about food a lot, we quickly discovered how exhausting it is to type out vegan and gluten-free over and over again. xgfx is simply the way we designate food and other stuff that is both animal friendly and free of gluten, it makes our lives less complicated. We also quickly realized online resources for xgfx living was extremely lacking, so we created this one. We hope you like it.

Here’s a little bit about us:

Allyson Kramer

Allyson Kramer is a nature loving, artsy-fartsy lady who obsessively thinks about food… whether it’s cooking it, eating it or just admiring it for its unique chemistry. She lives with her two kids, husband and animal pals in the middle of Ohio where she enjoys all sorts of other activities (that also include food), such as hiking, painting, photography, writing and reading.

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“I believe food is a vital element to our well being. I’d like to think of this site as a collaborative resource that makes enjoying really good food possible for even those of us who eschew animals or gluten. There is plenty of great choices out there, and an abundance of knowledge to be shared among folks with similar dietary concerns. Just because we don’t eat gluten or animals, doesn’t mean we can’t eat well!”

Jessy Farrell

Jessy Farrell is one happyfaced lady who absolutely adores cooking from her heart. As a passionate vegan and cook she spends most waking moments thinking about what tasty xgfx foods she’ll be cooking up with a smile. She lives with her fire fighting man and a pack of fantastical animals in their rva home – and when she’s not in the kitchen you can find her practicing yoga, running, scurrying about on the rocks of the james river, or volunteering for a local animal rescue group.

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“I’ve always had very strong emotional ties with food – for me it’s linked to so many happyfaced memories. When I first became gluten-free it was very difficult for me let go of those glutenous favorite foods I had always enjoyed. Over time I found myself enjoying the challenge of recreating those dishes I held so dear to my heart into gluten-free ones, while being mindful and remembering that food is just that – it’s food. Sometimes you’ve gotta let go and let it be just food.”

Kittee Berns

Kittee Berns lives in Portland, OR with her man-wife Dazee and fluffy barkin’ boy, V7. She likes to make as much stuff as possible with her own hands, and she likes to scour the world for cool old things that can be used again. She is in the final stages of her second zine, which is stuffed full of over 50 recipes, all xgfx and all tasty machine nuggets.

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“I like to cook and eat vegan food, and when I first ditched gluten for my health, it made me cranky that I couldn’t immediately whip up the same food that I had grown to love. This site is here to help other folks in the same boat. You can still make super easy, delicious and yummy xgfx food, and you don’t need eggs to make it happen either. You really don’t.”

  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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