Amy Gedgaudas

Amy Gedgaudas lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is currently working on her first cookbook, all about  vegan brownies.  You can find more of her photos on her blog and Flickr page.  Besides her avid interest in eating and capturing yummy food, she is also an avid hiker, cyclist, knitter and overall enjoyer of the great outdoors.

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“I have been vegan since 2006 and couldn’t be happier with my choice for compassionate living. While it is true that Portland is overflowing with vegan dining options, I much prefer to cook at home with my partner, Tim. Our kitchen is tiny but we still manage to create delicious, healthy vegan meals. Grocery shopping, meal planning, and cookbook reading bring me great joy.  What brings me even greater joy is watching others devour my vegan gluten-free brownies.”


VEGirl and Vinny

VEGirl is a teen with many passions, dominant of which is her overwhelming love for the rat species and creating in the kitchen. Sound like an odd combo? Then it’s no wonder that her favorite movie is Ratatouille! Gluten-free, vegan, and hoping to revolutionize wholesome cooking,

VEGirl documents her rats, photography, food, and environmental interests over at her blog: The Adventures of VEGirl.


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