Dining Out

For those times when you just don’t feel like cook’n, are invited out to dine with friends or coworkers, or traveling – you might find yourself wishing there were some great xgfx tips to help you out. We’re here to share our tips with you and we hope you find them most helpful.

  • Prep Ahead

    If you know you’re going out to eat a good bit ahead of time you can bring a lot of your own condiments to spruce up any xgfx eats you can find. Bring your own tamari, “butter”, “mayo”, maybe a little xgfx sour cream or a little nooch. Packing a “just in case” snack is usually a good idea. You know, just in case you’re stuck with something that really isn’t all that awesome.

  • Know Your Stuff

    Become familiar with all those ingredients which contain gluten. If you don’t know what they are you need to. Pronto. Not only should you know what grains are off limits, but you should know what dishes/products/items they’re likely to be hidden in. We’ve got a Sneaky Gluten guide that can help.

  • It’s A Go

    Your best bets are going to be Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, Ethiopian (be sure to ask about the injera. while injera is made from teff flour, many restaurants use a sourdough starter or order their injera from a company that might.), and Thai.

  • Slow Your Roll

    You might have a tougher time finding xgfx eats with East Asian, Italian (a call ahead to find out if they offer gluten-free pasta might be worth it – or ask if you can bring your own. some places will accommodate you!), and good ‘ol American eats.

  • Make A Friend

    Talking with the host/hostess or manager right off the bat will prove most helpful. Let them know you have an alternative diet and exactly what xgfx entails. Ask if they’ll be able to accomodate you, and in most cases you’ll find that they can and will. For times when you’re stuck it might mean sucking it up and ordering something along the lines of a salad, but keep in mind that you’ve got plenty of xgfx eats at home you can enjoy upon your return.

  • Never Assume

    Never assume anything is gluten-free. Ever. Always ask, and don’t be timid about asking. Ask your server to speak to the chef and always be detailed: “is your dressing made in-house? what does it contain?”, “has this (insert delicious vegan item here) been marinated in anything? if so, what is it marinated in?”, “is the soup thickened with a flour which contains gluten?”, “is the oil used for these (insert delicious fried vegan item here) used for any other items on the menu?”.

  • Watch Out

    Some xgfx people aren’t as worried about possible cross contamination on surfaces and such, but if you are be sure to stress your food is prepared on a clean surface area with clean utensils.

  • Put On A Happy Face

    We all know good ‘n well there can be strong emotional ties carried with food. It’s associated with so many memories we have, and food is comforting, it’s constant, and we can often times rely on it to make us feel a little better when things seem a bit dim. This can make change difficult when your previously glutenous world has been turned upside down and shaken to the core. But in the end-all be-all food is just that, it’s food. When dining out you might not get the xgfx eats you were hoping for, there may be some very limited options, your order might come out all wrong, you might be misunderstood, or you find yourself stuck with yet another salad…but keep in mind that sometimes it’s not just about the food. Dining with company is more about being together, sharing stories, laughing, relating, and having a great time being in the presence of those you love and care for. So “buck up and suck it up” and always keep in mind that you’ve got a well stocked xgfx kitchen at home from which you can make yourself anything your heart desires.

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