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If they’re not doing vertical triangle launches off of each others’ shoulders, it’s only because they’re not located close enough to reach. Hailing from The Americas and Australia, please give a warm shower of approval to our lovely product reviewers:

Gabrielle Pope

Gabrielle Pope is a Salt Spring Island, BC-based writer. She currently works as a research assistant, editor, novelist, and freelance journalist. But really, she spends most of her time dreaming up tonight’s vegan meal.

Gabrielle Tweets

“Though I’m not gluten-free, I love experimenting with xgfx products and cooking, since it reminds me of how grateful I am when non-vegans make an effort to create vegan versions of foods for myself. Being vegan inherently means adapting traditional recipes, and since I love cooking, I’m game for the added challenge of making delicious xgfx vegan food!”

Danielle Shmalberg

Danielle Shmalberg lives in Gainesville, FL and works as a certified veterinary technician. In her free time, she hangs out with her 9 dogs and 2 cats (yes, she is a sucker for a sweet face in need) and her husband. She can often be found taking a dip in the springs in North Florida, frequently accompanied by xgfx baked goods to share with the masses.

“Vegan for about 6 years and gluten free for about 4, I’ve learned to adapt recipes and not be afraid of the unknown in the kitchen. New challenges excite me and I love trying out new products to see if they’re a worthy addition to my cooking!”

A. Monique Martin

A. Monique Martin is a displaced Texan currently living in Southern California. She has a passion for cooking, writing, and all things nerdy. Mo spends her days with her husband and two chihuahuas, and she never passes up a good Soul Train line.

Mo Betta Vegan:  Texan, Vegan, Lover of Food.

“I am a lover of food. I haven’t always been, but veganism sparked a passion in me that I never knew I had. Though not fully gluten free, I love eating gluten and soy free occasionally to switch things up. I consider myself an adventurous person and will try anything at least once.”

Nadine Doupe

Nadine Doupe is a resident of small-town Canada and a gluten-free food enthusiast, who also loves to write, and looks forward to applying her natural nutrition tutelage in the future.

Herbaceousgirl on Xanga

“Gluten free to challenge your tastebuds…and your gluten free food preconceptions. Because we all need to give yumminess a chance.”

Erin Wysocarski

Erin Wysocarski is an amateur vegan cook and food blogger. Her blog, features vegan recipes that have passed the test in taste, presentation and innovation by her omnivorous and camera-wielding husband.

Olives for Dinner

“I believe that the best animal activism out there is expertly preparing, advocating for and demystifying vegan food.”

Mandee Salles

Mandee Salles lives in Sydney, Australia with her boyfriend and their two cats. When she’s not in the kitchen cookin’ up vegan, gluten free & soy free food, you’ll find her photographing food, reading, painting her nails or organising the next local vegan bake sale.

Cupcake Kitteh

“I never saw going vegan or gluten free as limiting. Since going vegan and gluten free, I’ve discovered I like so many different types of foods and I eat a much wider range than I ever did as an omni. I’m always thinking about new recipes and ways to re-create childhood favourites. I’d like to think our xgfx community disproves the idea that vegan and gluten free food is boring and tasteless!”


K lives in Melbourne, Australia with my cat Button and vegan husband. I’ve been vegan for about 9 years, and was finally diagnosed with coeliac’s disease after a year of testing including 2 biopsies (the first one was negative) in December 2010. I’m obsessed with desserts but also love salty products like pretzels and I’m always looking for new products to try.  When I’m not eating, thinking or talking about food I work in the non profit industry and enjoy running and wing chun.

In the Mood for Noodles

“There are some amazing vegan and gluten free products out there as well as some horrible ones. When I first experimented with a gluten free diet I bought a lot of products which I couldn’t stand and ended up throwing them out. I’m hoping this site will help avoid other people making the same mistakes.”

Carrie Morse

Carrie has been vegetarian since 1995, she attempted and failed at veganism around 1997, and finally successfully completed the process of going vegan in 2002. In 2011, during a stressful stint as an overworked secretary, she was diagnosed with colitis and is hoping her particular version is completely caused by stress, not by any particular food. She, however, discovered a website run by someone with the same issues, and he indicates that gluten and chickpeas among other foods exacerbate his condition. Carrie will be very sad if she has to give up her chickpeas, let alone gluten. She is currently managing her stress, so time will tell.


“I like food.”


Scrumptious lives in San Francisco, California, and can usually be found writing, playing games, entertaining her foster cat Violet, studying psychology, and/or cooking and baking delicious xgfx food. She’s a produce-obsessed, book-nerdish freelance copywriter and grad student, and writes a xgfx blog, In My Box, about her weekly CSA box and what she cooks from it.

In My Box

“Over the years my relationship to cooking and food has gone from sustenance to hobby to way of life. Eliminating gluten from my diet, switching from vegetarian to vegan, and connecting with local farmers through community supported agriculture have catapulted me into a magical realm of seasonal produce, urban homesteading and creative cuisine. Now I seem to be inacapable of making fewer than three courses for a weeknight supper!”

Liz Whitaker

Hey all, I’m Liz and I was vegetarian for about 2 years before finally transitioning to 100% vegan in 2010. I have always loved to cook and bake and I can honestly say that since going veg, the food I eat is wayyy better than the non-vegan food of my past. While I am not gluten free I have been exploring it more and more lately with mostly fabulous results! I am really excited to be a part of this shiny new xgfx community and try some new products and recipes! Feel free to stop by my blog, to follow my adventures in the kitchen and with my little vegan dog!

Vegan Food Rocks

“I went veg for the animals and the animals alone but since I have gotten more involved in the vegan community both locally and online I have met some amazing people and eaten lots of fantastic food. I am still vegan 100% for the animals but I am reaping some pretty sweet benefits as well!”

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren lives in the American Pacific Northwest with her husband Jeff and her rabbit friend Nutmeg. She stopped eating animals in 2004. She loves food, music, tea, moss and lichen.

Occasional blogger at Rabbit Food.

“I eat gluten, but since I cook for someone who is better off without it I’m always glad to have another xgfx recipe. Eating xgfx is tasty!”

Katie Kunze

Katie Kunze is a long-time vegan, in fact, she just celebrated her 13 year veganniversary. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, 2 cats and 8 month old daughter, who she is also raising vegan. Katie worked in a gluten-free bakery in Seattle for many years and although she is not entirely gluten-free, she bakes almost exclusively so. She loves to surprise people by saying that her delicious treats are both vegan and gluten-free. When not chowing down, she’s raising a healthy, beautiful child, working, baking, reading or spending time outdoors.

“My passion is food, especially good food free of animal byproducts and gluten. It can be frustrating and expensive trying new gf, vegan items on the market so I’m thrilled about xgfx and being a part of the review squadron. I hope I can help take some of the guesswork out of shopping gf.”

Caitlin McGrother

Caitlin lives in the Philly suburbs with her husband, Dayv, and sassy pup, Mina. Caitlin has been vegan since 2005 and gluten-free since 2007, when she realized that gluten was the cause of many medical problems that doctors couldn’t solve. Dayv also adopted this lifestyle in September 2010 after coming to the conclusion that dairy, eggs, and gluten made him feel gross all the time. Caitlin is constantly searching for new xgfx recipes to try and loves spending tons of time cooking up scrumptious meals. When she’s not in the kitchen, Caitlin loves taking long walks, getting her zumba on, and snuggling on the couch with her husband and pup.

The Vegan Chickpea

“No one likes to feel alone in the world. After learning about other people with the same diet as me, I feel comforted. I’m one in a force of animal-loving, gluten-hating people! XGFX helps newbies, as well as those who have eaten xgfx for years, learn about different products, find new recipes, have lots of xgfx resources, and just make you feel like you have a ton of friends that live the same lifestyle as you!”

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