Sneaky Gluten

Gluten is super sneaky and makes its way into all kinds of foods you think might be safe. We’ve created a list of foods we’ve run across which contain sneaky gluten, but this list isn’t the “end-all be-all” so always check those labels. Beware, friends – manufacturers have been known to switch up their ingredients, so check the labels of your gluten-free standbys often. And remember, “when you doubt it, ask about it”; when you’re unsure if an ingredient is glutenous or not contact the manufacturer/company. Most are pretty quick to respond and it’s better to know than to guess and be glutenized.

Foods Which May Contain Gluten:

  • Brown Rice Syrup

    If it isn’t labeled gluten free it might contain barley.

  • Bulk Section Foods

    Scoops could get crossed or containers switched and not well washed beforehand.

  • Buckwheat Noodles

    Not all are 100% buckwheat & may contain wheat flour.

  • Candy

    Licorice, hard candies, etc.

  • Canned Goods

    Baked beans, soups, & veggies canned in a sauce. Chipotle in adobo, vegetarian chilis, etc.

  • Caramel Coloring

    Made within the in US it’s g-f, elsewhere isn’t guaranteed.

  • Cereals

    Many rice & oat cereals have wheat flour added, are made with oats that aren’t gluten-free, or contain malt flavoring.

  • Chips

    Flavored chips may be hiding gluten.

  • Chocolate

    Some may be sweetened with barley.

  • Condiments

    Mustards, sweet & sour sauces, hoisin, etc.

  • Dish Soaps, Household Cleaners, & Laundry Detergents

    Check for gluten-free labels.

  • Drugs & Medicines

    See for a list of gluten-free ones. Items such as cough drops, Beano, etc. may contain gluten. Please talk with a physician.

  • Envelopes, Stamps, & Stickers

    Believe it or not, gluten may be hiding there.

  • Flavorings

    Vanilla, hazelnut, almond, etc. Make sure yours is labeled gluten-free.

  • Fried Yumminesses

    May be cooked in same fryer with breaded foods.

  • Health & Beauty Aids

    Shampoos, Body washes, & Moisturizers – many use wheat germ.

  • Malt

    Extracted most of the time from barley, but sometimes from other grains. Check to see if it’s gluten-free in the product you’d like to enjoy.

  • Miso

    Some types are made with barley. If you’re looking for a soy-free miso, South River Miso has what you’re looking for.

  • Mouthwash & Toothpaste

    Some brands contain gluten.

  • Non-Stick Cooking Sprays

    Check the labels to ensure it’s gluten-free.

  • Pancake syrups

    You might just wanna stick with good ‘ol 100% maple sryup.

  • Rice Mixes

    The flavor packets of some boxed rice mixes may be hiding gluten.

  • Roasted Nuts

    Emerald Backyard Grill Glazed Walnuts ‘n Almond & Emerald Dry Roasted Walnuts contain gluten, to name a few.

  • Salad Dressings

    Some use gluten as a thickener.

  • Sauces ‘n Such

    Soy sauce, worchestershire, bbq, liquid smoke, teriyaki, hoisin, etc.

  • Spice Mixes

    Some contain flour to prevent sticking – such as white pepper, 5 spice, pie spices, mustard powder,hing/asofeotida, etc.

  • Tea

    Bigelow brand’s chamomile mango, cinnamon spice, & blueberry harvest & Celestial seasonings’ roastaroma contain gluten.

  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)

    Check the labels! Some brands contain wheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill has gluten-free TVP & TSP).

  • Toffuti Sour & Cream Cheese*

    Sorry, guysers. (* while tofutti contains no added gluten in their cream cheese and sour cream, they cannot guarantee the flavors used in their products are free of gluten. some have reported being tolerant and others have reacted to their products; ultimately it’s up to you.)

  • Tomato Paste

    Some brands use wheat flour as a thickener.

  • Trail Mixes

    Some brands which contain dates may use wheat flour to prevent sticking.

  • Veggies

    Those frozen in a sauce may contain gluten.

  • Veggie Burgers

    Many brands contain wheat gluten to bind them together. Sunshine burgers & Bahama Rice Burgers are both xgfx.

  • Wasabi Peas

    Why they don’t omit the wheat flour is beyond me. These spicy peas are pretty darn yummy though!

  • “Wheat Free” Foods

    Products labeled “wheat free” aren’t necessarily gluten-free. Wheat free does not = gluten-free – don’t be fooled!

  • Wine Coolers

    Malt flavoring like a mofo.

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