I love soy sauce, but I also hate its guts since it’s one of the few ingredients that shoos me away from many of my favorite East Asian restaurants. There’s not much I can do to fix this problem besides grilling restaurant staff for soy sauce details and allowing my man-wife, dazee, to happily lug my always crusty half-full bottle of wheat-free tamari into our favorite sushi places. Many months ago, I purchased really cute bento soy sauce carriers, but I have yet to make use of them. I am lazy like that, and besides do they even make funnels small enough to get the tamari in the little whole? But in case you want some, you can find them all over, and they are super adorable and stigma free. Me? I think I might sew myself a giant gingham soy sauce carrier, to proudly strap my bottle of soya to my chest, and so I have it with me in case of spontaneous sushi encounters.

Thankfully, most of the condiments I stock in my kitchen are naturally xgfx. The only one that I find tricky-wheaty is Hoisin, and Edward and Sons makes a delicious gluten-free version, or you can try your hat at making your own. Here are some you might be interested in:

Buttery Spreads

Earth Balance offers whipped, traditional, sticks that are perfect for baking, organic & a soy-free variety. Spectrum Organics offers a palm oil free natural spread that’s xgfx, too.

Coconut Aminos

If you’re looking for a soy-free substitute for tamari, coconut aminos are for you. Great with a little wasabi for sushi dipping and just as tasty (& useful) as tamari!

Hot Sauces

Sriracha & Chili Garlic sauces are great ways to add heat to your yummies, Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce, Frank’s Red Hot Original Hot Sauce, and Melinda’s Extra Hot Pepper Sauce are well loved favorites – and Tabasco has a whole line of flavored hot sauces that will set your mouth on fire.


Did you know there’s spicy ketchup, tomatoless ketchup, and unsweetened ketchup as well as traditional? Pretty spiffy, huh!

Liquid Smoke

Liquid smoke adds just what ya think it does, a nice smoky flavor to marinades, greens, soups, stews, sauces, and anything you can think of. Just make sure the brand you’re using is xgfx, as all brands are not. For the record, Colgin brand offers a variety of liquid smoke flavors that are all xgfx.


Vegenaise makes many delicious mayo varieties, Nasoya makes Nayonaise, there’s Wildwood Garlic Aioli, and Spectrum makes a light canola mayonnaise that’s xgfx. You can always make your own soy-free version, too.


Red, yellow, white, and South River Miso also makes soy-free misos! Always read the labels because some miso is made from fermented barley.


Mustard goes way beyond the standard “yellow” – there are tons of mustardly options of all kinds. Stone ground, creole, sweet ‘n spicy, brown or deli-style, dijon, English, horseradish and Bavarian sweet – just to name a few. Be forewarned, some mustards use wheat flour as a thickener & some even add eggs or honey, so be sure to read the list ‘o ingredients.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is lovingly called “nooch” and it’s one cheezy alternative for vegans. Sprinkle a little on top of popcorn, bowls of deliciousness, pastas, cheezy sauces, tahini sauces, casseroles and the like. You can make your own parmesan cheeze by combining a large raw walnuts, a small handful of raw sunflower seeds, lots of nutritional yeast and a little sea salt in your food processor – whiz until combined and store in the fridge until gobbled up. Sometimes ordering nutritional yeast in bulk online or in your local natural foods store can be more cost effective than buying it by the jar. Just be sure your nooch is fortified with B12, as not all brands are.


Oh, tahini…..glorious, glorious tahini. You can buy it raw or roasted and the possibilities are endless. Add a dollop to bean burger mixes, soups, meatless ball recipes, baked goods, cheezy sauces, and vegan loafs. Tahini sauce can be made in any variety you can dream of and tossed with kale for the tastiest of kale chips, drizzled over “buddha bowls”, falafel & veggies, a little schmear for sammies and bagels. Go crazy with tahini, it’s amazing.

Worcestershire Sauce

Not just for make’n bloddy mary’s all that more delicious, Worcestershire sauce adds zing to rice dishes, soups, marinades, and stews. While most brands of Worcestershire sauce aren’t xgfx (they contain anchovies), Wizard’s makes an xgfx brand almost everyone can enjoy!

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