Emmy’s Organics: Serious Flavor in Small Spaces

Emmy’s Organics – Raw Macaroons

Tested: Coconut Vanilla, Mint Chip, Choco Orange, Lemon Ginger, Choco Chili, Chai Spice & Dark Cacao Flavors

When my little box of goodies from Emmy’s Organics arrived, I thought to myself, “Yay, Emmy’s! Wait, that’s a pretty tiny box! What on earth could it contain?” I had no idea the wonders that awaited me inside the small package, which was full to the brim with small packages of 3 of all SEVEN varieties of their amazing macaroons. And a little bag of raw granola as a bonus! The box was packed with so many small patties of raw coconut-based treats, my head was spinning. I quickly put them all in the refrigerator since I live in Florida and didn’t want them to melt away, though it doesn’t note to store them in any particular way on the packaging. These little babies are raw, gluten free, and vegan, with nearly all organic ingredients as well, and are adorable to boot!

I first checked out the company’s website and found myself totally falling in love with the over-the-top cute New York couple who produces these treats. Their hearts are definitely in the right place and you can tell they have a serious love for plant-based, whole foods. I love to hear about small companies who make it to the mainstream, and these two definitely have a great story. In addition to the macaroons, they also offer raw granola and raw chocolate sauce, as well as gift boxes, apparel, and seasonal specials (the springtime peppermint fudge is seriously calling my name right now).

I decided to test all of the macaroons straight out of the fridge for consistency’s sake and cut small pieces of each to sample each one. Partially this was because they are seriously dense with a lot of calories and fat in one little disc of deliciousness, and partially because I want to make sure I have plenty to savor for a while! A good decision, I must say, now that I’ve tried all of them; they will be enjoyed for some time!

All of the macaroon varieties have the same base of organic shredded coconut, organic agave, organic coconut oil, himalayan sea salt and non-GMO almond flour. They are compressed in to a tight little patty that is firm and not sticky at all. It’s easy to cut or bite off tiny pieces to extend the pleasure of eating these little gems.

Coconut Vanilla:
Easily the simplest, cleanest flavor in the bunch, but also so rich. The vanilla bean flecks instantly drew me to this one, and the warm, sweet flavor of pure vanilla encompasses each bite. This was particularly creamy tasting, which was unexpected due to the dry coconut base. The coconut flavor is not very strong, adding a nice backdrop to the intense vanilla. Loved this.

Mint Chip:
I was impressed by the smell of these, with the crisp scent of peppermint oil hitting me as I opened the tiny package. There is spearmint leaf in there as well, lending a nice soft green color to the patty. Flecked with small shards of cacao, the chocolate taste is surprisingly strong given the tiny amount present. The mint flavor is not overwhelming at all just a seriously pleasant cool sensation. The coconut base flavor is not really present here just providing a hearty texture that played nicely with the mint and chocolate. I ate a full one of these macaroons prior to going snorkeling for a few hours in a beautiful spring, and I didn’t get hungry at all. Easily my favorite of the bunch.

Choco Orange:
Full disclosure, I feel that chocolate and orange should learn to play separately, never crossing paths in my mouth. That said, these have a pleasant orange scent in the package, and the orange is not very overwhelming when eaten. he chocolate is nice and rich, but I still couldn’t get over the orange flavor. For people who dig this combo, it is likely quite good, but I feel I can’t really comment on it due to my predisposition to avoid it.

Lemon Ginger:
Another flavor I wouldn’t normally choose, but this was a pleasant surprise. They have a light lemon fragrance and the lemon flavor is soft and plays well with the coconut. I didn’t detect the ginger much, but that’s probably for the best as too much can turn me off to the dessert. I liked these more than I thought I would, and that’s saying something as someone who generally avoid lemon-flavored desserts.

Choco Chili:
I had a feeling I’d love this one as I have a love affair with the VCIYCJ Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles that has led to me feeding them to so many people it’s a little ridiculous. That said, the chili/chocolate combo is always a little intimidating as I am not that hip to super spicy food and these do contain cayenne pepper. The first bite was filled with an intense chocolate richness that was buffered nicely with a little hint of cinnamon. The cayenne didn’t come in until the aftertaste and was a nice soft kick. A South African friend of mine would call these “cheeky” due to their surprise ending. The spice is a great finish and definitely not too much, complementing the dark chocolate very well. Again, the coconut flavor is not really present due to the intensity of the other flavors but the shredded coconut provides great structure to this one, extending the chocolate and spice for a nice long chew.

Chai Spice:
I thought these would be my favorite of the bunch, as I am a chai fiend, so perhaps I set myself up a little bit. The package doesn’t list the individual spices used, just lumps them in to “spices” which is always a little disappointing for me – I like to know what I’m tasting, I’m weird like that. These are seriously spicy smelling when they come out of the package, with an intense aroma that got my mouth watering. However, biting in to it left me a bit sad. The ginger is overpowering here, and I couldn’t really taste anything else. These little guys have serious potential if the flavors were dialed down just a little bit. The coconut was a good flavor backdrop, but could stand to play a bigger role. If these were just a little less intense with the spices, they’d be my go-to for a good chai fix on a hot summer day.

Dark Cacao:
Dark, rich, dreamy, incredible. These feel so sinful with their dark, almost black appearance, and intense chocolate flavor provided solely by raw cacao powder and offset with a little vanilla. This is reminiscent of a really high quality dark chocolate bar in flavor with that signature firm structure provided by the coconut. The chocolate flavor completely overwhelms any hint of coconut, but that is just fine. The fat from the coconut and coconut oil are perfect in combination with the chocolate, making it actually creamy upon taste. his is the only one of the bunch that felt like a guilty pleasure and I love it for that.

Overall, I am highly impressed by these tiny little macaroons. No more than 3 inches in diameter and an inch tall, they pack some serious flavor in a very small space. They’ve done an excellent job with their flavor profiles, and it’s likely that anyone could find one to love with their wide selection. They retail on their site for $2.95 for three patties, $16.95 for 18, and $32.95 for 36. I haven’t seen these in stores, but the “where to buy” section has numerous listed all over the country. Alternatively, you can order them online and have them shipped. They came to me on a 95 degree day in Florida and were no worse for the wear, so shipping should be a viable option for anyone.

Emmy’s Organics is an up and coming company who deserves all the kudos that are headed its way. They’ve taken a simple list of ingredients and made a delicious, decadent, yet completely healthy treat that should satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Now if only I could stop daydreaming about these little coconut macaroons that have taken up residence in my fridge…


  • Delicious, filling, lots of flavor options.
  • Easy to break apart to enjoy small pieces here and there instead of committing to a full macaroon.
  • Rich and sinful tasting without all the guilt normally associated.
  • Raw, whole foods desserts made by people who really care about the diet choices of other people.


  • May have to order online, check the “where to buy” to see if you can get these locally (or even better, ask your local HFS if they can start stocking them!).
  • Significant amount of calories and fat in each patty (see above regarding eating small pieces at a time).
  • Addictive.

Reviewed by Danielle Shmalberg

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  1. Posted August 31, 2011 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    I have had these and like them. Just a little pricey, for me, for everyday use. But, if I’m out and feel the sweet tooth, surely worth it.

  2. Jeannie
    Posted November 28, 2012 at 1:46 am | Permalink

    Could you please identify what some of the acronyms stand for, like HFS. I am 72 and I am not familiar with those sort of things. Thank You.

    • Posted November 28, 2012 at 4:03 am | Permalink

      Hi Jeannie!
      HFS = Health Food Store
      GMO = Genetically Modified Organism

      Are there any more you need help with?

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